Audience feedback

“Without doubt, a timely and significant film that, as the audience response demonstrated has the capability to challenge our understanding of institutional processes and the financial crisis”. Claire Molloy, Professor of Film

“Secret City lifts the veil of secrecy and fake pageantry behind which the City of London, and its financial hub, hides its ugly face… It should be required viewing for all politicians” Maureen Duffy

“Secret City puts the City of London in its historical context without sacrificing its contemporary focus. Humane, intelligent and thoughtful-its archive footage and imaginative soundtrack make it enjoyable and enriching. An important film.” Madge Dresser

“Good entertaining and informative film about one the most powerful and unaccountable institutions in the UK.”
David Hencke, Journalist

“A powerful, fascinating and terrifying documentary: Watch it” David Ollerton, The London Film Review

“A brilliant film, with potentially far-reaching impact in catalysing a new movement for City reform. Activists will see this film and be inspired. My thanks and congratulations.”
Stephen Reid, New Economics Foundation

“A great film which led to important and stimulating discussion with some key influencers present as well as a large number of younger people. The film changed my understanding of how the City is governed, and of the powerful influence of finance cpitalism. It challenged my assumptions about the democratic status of some historic and powerful institutions which have a wide reach and influence”.
Prof. Paul O’Prey, University of Roehampton

“Excellent film – very educational about the Corporation of London.”
David Ayrton, National Union of Journalists

“The film was a superb exposition of the history and role of the City Corporation which was a revelation to many our audience tonight. Excellent way of engaging people on this issue.”
John McDonnell, MP

“An excellent piece of knowledge transfer, huge impact.”
Dr. William Brown, University of Roehampton

“Reception demonstrated how little information recorded in the film is ‘common knowledge’, with exception of either activists, politicians, journalists or residents of the Barbican. More information on the challenge to citizens’ rights, and the anomaly (?) between those within and without walls please. This would be a good function for the website. Choice of ‘practice’ for delivery of this information a strategic one, but will also maximise outreach in building citizen awareness.”
Holly Aylett, Global Policy Institute

“A very educational film – deserves a widespread circulation and audience to promote debate.”
Laura Davison, NUJ