A film about the City of London, the Corporation that runs it, and its role in the economic crisis.

News & Reviews

  • “Did you see that Avazz launched a campaign?”

    “Did you see that Avazz launched a campaign to get rid of the City Remembrancer?” Only a few years ago the question would not have...

  • Secret City scoops film award

    Secret City wins Best Documentary Feature award at the London Independent Film Festival.

  • The London Film Review

    "A powerful, fascinating and terrifying documentary: Watch it"

  • Close Up DVD Review

    “Engaging in a dense web of complexity and intrigue, Secret City explores what is known (indeed, what can be known) about the Corporation of London:...

  • Secret City out on DVD

    We are pleased to announce that ‘Secret City’ is being released on DVD by E2 Films with subtitles in Spanish, Italian, French & German Release...

  • Review: Secret City

    On a budget of less than £11,000, this film does an excellent job scrutinising an organisation not enough people know about despite its influence on...