(72mns, 2012)

Produced by Michael Chanan and Lee Salter
Directed by Michael Chanan
Written and Presented by Lee Salter
Filmed and edited by Michael Chanan
Second camera: Anthony Killick
Additional Camerawork: Enrica Colusso, Holly Giesman, Lee Salter
Production Assistant: Agnes Freimane
Music & sound design: Simon Zagorski-Thomas
Additional Music Glyn Perrin

Interviews (order of appearance)
Robin BlackburnMaurice GlasmanRev. William TaylorJamie Kelsey-Fry
Doreen Massey ・ Liam Taylor ・ John ReesDavid Joel ・ Clive Bloom
Lindsay German ・ Rev. Alan GreenJohn McDonnell MPMalcolm Matson
Stephen HaselerNatalie Bennett

Film Archives
BFI ・ British Pathé ・ Museum of London ・ Anthony Simmons ・ William Raban

Online Video
‘City of London Volunteering’
‘J18: Protest Against capital’ (David Wheeler)
‘London Riots Unseen Footage Too Much for TV’
‘Morning City’ (Terry Nunn)
‘Occupy London, a street level view’ (Guardian Video)
‘Stock Market Crash of 2008’
‘The rich white man always wins’ (Jonathan Cheetham)

‘Oranges & Lemons’ arr. Cheryl Shantz
‘Oranges & Lemons’ Uncle Mac (Derek McCulloch)
‘Oranges & Lemons’ New Glenn Miller Orchestra dir. by Ray McKinley
‘Oranges & Lemons’ arr. Vaults Quartet

Faber & Faber
Kings Court Galleries

Phil Chamberlain ・ Enrica Colusso ・ Lynn Dobbs ・ Nick Draper ・ Holly Giesman
Phillip Goff ・ Pat Kahn ・ Kelvin Knight ・ Garry Marvin ・ Chris Mitchell
Richard Paton ・ Patrick Russell ・ Carl Salter ・ Eleanor Salter ・ Janis Salter
Paul Sutton ・ Silvia, Sofia and Alvise

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